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I possess extensive knowledge of human anatomy, years of experience, as well as imagination, and proficiency in illustrative techniques using Adobe based graphic arts software.

Specializing in: Anatomical, Dental, Surgical, Patient Education, Medical Devices, Scientific & Technical Illustration, Conceptual and Patent Illustrations

Illustrations useful for: Atlases and Textbooks, Websites, Journal articles, online learning & teaching, professional presentations

Delivery Time: Individual figures or a short series can be delivered usually within 10 business days depending on media and complexity.

Fees: I usually bill by the hour, but will entertain a fixed bid method for larger volume projects (e.g. surgical atlases, training materials). Contact me directly for a free consultation and estimates on specific projects. I'd like to learn about your medical or scientific specialty and how best I can efficiently solve the visualization task within your budget.

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Creating Medical and Technical Illustrations for the Health Community